Euro-Rotor the total solver

We offer a total solution for both the purchase of your furniture as repairing the rented premises

2nd hand office furniture at Euro-Rotor

We provide new and used office furniture, we can transport and install for you.

Complete your building wipe clean

We repair your old house and deliver it to wipe clean

New office chairs, meeting chairs, benches

We also supply new office chairs, conference chairs and sofas you want versions with various colors, both in fabric and leather, both carrying bogies, can be determined by you.

Office furniture custom

We can furnish your new office with quality furniture from stock


Our catalogue

Vergadertafel thermo pine
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 165
ovale vergadertafel
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 165
Vergadertafel 160x160
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 150
vergadertafel 240x100
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 145
Directie bureaustoel
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 225
Luxe design bureaustoel
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 285
laboratorium bureaustoel
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 95
Loungebank Open port LD seating
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ Overleg
Retro secretar
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 200
Retro eikenhouten kast
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 215
Antieke stoeltjes
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 55
grijs leren vergaderstoelen
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 100
slede vergaderstoel blauw
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 45
stoel wolvilt
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 75
vergaderstoel wolvilt
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 85
Roldeurkast aluminium 135 hoog
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 155
Ladeblok 4 laden carbon
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 125
Roldeurkast klein bureau hoogte
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 75
roldeurkast 105 Hoog
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 145
Duo slinger bureau
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 425
Hoekburea Q bic poot
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 145
zit/sta bureau slinger
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 225
Bureau Q bic carbon
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 218
Design lampenkap
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ Overleg
akoestische scheidingswandjes
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ 256
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ Overleg
Aluminium kunstwerken
  • Prijs (ex. BTW)€ Aanvraag